War Cry Laughter

Kiss the ghosts
of your former selves
and walk away.

I’ve begun to make these now.

Captain Eggs Fitzgerald. #cats #books #love #photography


The bone burrowed hole collapsed
And filled the sullen way
So move ahead we shall at last
To know the Magi’s play

On foot through land we’ll move by day
By night the sea we’ll pass
Until we hear the lion’s coo
From under maiden’s fast

A card is said the moon has shone
Behind the Priestess’ veil
And wolf and crab howl undertow
Without the oars we sail

Return they would from towers burnt
And build a second more
I’ll hang my foot from Odin’s tree
As death beats down their door

On my way to Georgia, 
Left the city far behind,
Won’t be long for I’m gone,
I’ll take Spanish moss to the pines.

Shadow in the Dust

My short story Shadow in the Dust was featured in the Bitter Oleander’s review! I’m just excited because it’s the first story I’ve had published and to see someone take passages out and into a review is sort of surreal to me.